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uRead iRead weRead | A Reader's Social Club

iRead Book Circle at Brazosport College

Spring 2022 iRead events

Ever After: Alternative Endings >>> has a new Date & Time

This just in ...   ...  ..  new date and meeting time:



uRead | iRead | weRead: A Reader's Social Club - but what IS it exactly?

Welcome Back, Readers!

iRead Book Circle is now:

uRead | iRead | weRead: A Reader's Social Club

uRead | iRead | weRead: A Reader's Social Club is a social circle for readers.  Exactly as the name and group title implies, this club meets to discuss authors, thematic ideas, writing and our shared joy of reading in a safe, judgment-free space - the library!

We gather at the base of the stairs inside the library and share thoughts on that genre or topic. 

Yes, you should attend.  :-) 

  • Students: Earn Stive-2-Drive points through your active participation in each discussion.
  • Faculty & Staff: Engage with students and BC community members who share a love of reading.

Please note:

  • Employee Growth Credits (EGC)s are no longer awarded to faculty and staff for their participation.

We will always meet in the library - either in the space beside the stairs or in front of the 1st-floor elevator

Meetings are on the first Wednesday of the month at 11:30 a.m.

"Once Upon a Time"

11:30 AM

Wednesday, September 7th 2022

"A Tale as Old as Time"

11:30 AM

Wednesday, October 5th 2022


Sometimes you just gotta sit back and listen. We get it! Audiobooks are a great way to absorb content and are considered reading by the American Library Association. Here is what ALA has to say about Audiobooks.  [This link also includes some suggested listening platforms!]

Audiobooks, novels, short stories, scripts, non-fiction, biographies, autobiographies, graphic novels, fiction, and poetry are all acceptable forms of media to discuss - provided they are on the subject of our guided topic.

Check out the tabs for the current semester for suggested books accessible through the BC Library. We've got printed copies as well as links to eBooks and audiobooks!

Q: What about books from other libraries or something that I purchased?

A: Read it and bring your thoughts and opinions to our discussion!

You may always come by the library and ask for reading recommendations. 


Did you enjoy your book? Would you recommend it? Why? Why not? To whom? How did you go about selecting your book? What drew you toward that topic or title? Did you read or listen? How did your selection affect you? What are the principal themes that you recognized & will take with you from your read?

These are a few samples of talking points that may or may not be discussed by attendees about their selected reading. 

Fall 2022: Fairytales Revisited

Fall 2022 lineup:

Fairytales Revisited

“Once Upon a Time: Second Time Around”

7 September 2022

Same story, different book. Think you’ve heard this one before? Probably so. Adaptations and retellings of common storylines are common.

“Tales as Old as Time”

5 October 2022

Parables, Fables, Folktales all have their ‘origins’ story. Take a fresh look at a classic. Graphic novels encouraged.

“Ever After: Alternative Endings”

2 November 2022

Sometimes things just don’t work out.

If at first you don’t succeed.

Change the ending.

1st Wednesday of the month in the Library @ 11:30 a.m.

Please join us!